Croft Manor

Croft Manor
By: robit

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A remake of Lara’s Home from Tomb Raider 3.

My main goal was to provide something fun, and I hope I have, let me know what you think in the comments. If you find any bugs or god spots I would also appreciate the help in fixing them.

EE song is from the Tomb Raider 3 soundtrack, which is copyrighted by Square Enix, so play at your own risk.

• Complete lighting overhaul with major fps boost (60fps ->200 with GTX 970/4690k).
• New weapons (Thanks to Skye)
-MWR weapons
-AW weapons
• New wall buys
• New perk shaders
• Increased number of potential zombie spawns
• Increased zombie movement speed
• Added hitmarkers
• Custom Zombie Money power-up (Thanks to NateSmithZombies)
• Custom Fast Feet power-up (Thanks to NateSmithZombies)
• Custom Bottomless Clip power-up (Thanks to NateSmithZombies)
• Custom round change music
• 8 perks [All buyable]
• Buyable ending [35000 points] (Thanks to NateSmithZombies)
• Easter egg song



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