White Hollow

White Hollow
By: WeeWoo

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A black ops team is sent in to a old part of whitehollow that looks like it is stuck back in time very tight areas and close quarter areas they must defeat the zombie infestation and clear the area

-All Perks / No Perk Limit

-Buyable ending

-Radio Easter Egg Song (Activate [F] All Radios For The Song It Is Copyrighted 5 of them are in the map)

-Gun From Various Games

Scobalula [Player Models]
Activision Infinity Ward Treyarch Sledgehammer games [Many Assets]
Harry Bo21 [Perks]
TheSkyeLord [Weapons]
DTZxPorter [Wraith & L3AK Mod]
DTZxPorter & Azsry [Kronos]
Ugx Mods [Buyable Ending]
Zeroy & NoobforLunch [WW2 Assets Zombies & Character Customization Tutorial]
Sp33dy [T7 -> T7 rig]
JBird632 [Easter Egg Song Setup]
Dean Martin & All Rightful Owners [Easter Egg Song]

If I Missed Anyone Tell Me Please. Also report bugs in the Comments!



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