Myanmar Hell

Myanmar Hell
By: mindmirror

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6th August 1945, 3 hours after the great explosion…

After you escaped from the overrun house in England you discovered a facility deep in the jungle of Myanmar.
What did happen there and what secrets does it have? Find that out and survive as long as you can!

Hello and welcome to my next map. This time i want to present you another remake
of the classic World At War custom zombie map “Burma Hell” by Ville88.
The main objective is just to survive as long as you can.
The main four perks and mule kick are included.
Download the original map here:,8660.0.html

– Weapons from Ghosts and MWR
– All World At War SNN Zombie Animations
– Green zombie eyes
– Flogger Trap
– Japanese Zombies
– Verrückt Runners
– SNN Perk Lottery
– Music easteregg (The telephone one, if you know what i mean ;))
– Samantha easteregg
– Neon shaders
– Zombies Chronicles groans
– No perk limit
– No PaP
– No Endgame (This is a WaW style map, what do you expect? 🙂 )


ville88 (Original map author for WAW)

Symbo (Samantha EE)
Mike Pence (Music Easteregg)
Frost Iceforge (Zombie Eyes)
DTZxPorter (Wraith 4)
HarryBO21 (Flogger Trap)
raptroes (MWR weapon files)
lilrobot (Weapon inspect script)
ZombieKid164 (Perk Lottery)
ardivee (Acoustix)
collie (conversion rig)
lethal peelz (Neon shaders)

Beta Testers: Tommy, TheScrappy and Bappo eat snacko



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