Stairway To Hell: Reborn

Stairway To Hell: Reborn
By: Ping998

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UPDATE V1.1! (15th Feb 2019)

+ Fixed bo4 gun ads move speed
+ Fixed hell’s retriever/redeemer assets (texture fixed)
– Reduced sound of vulture-aid pickups
+ Changed Teddy Bear locations (making some a little easier as many people couldn’t find them!)
+ Additional bug fixes

“Stairway to Hell” from WaW returns as “Stairway to Hell: REBORN”!

Created by the original maker of the WaW versions, the much beloved classic challenge/casual zombie map is back and BETTER THAN EVER!

With more levels, more custom guns, more bosses and more perks, this map was made with fun in mind!

Stairway continues to deliver a casual experience for everyone but is always looking for feedback, if you have any suggestions let me know in the discussions!


– Stairway Has Some Old and New Elements That Bring the Original WaW Experience to BO3!
– 13 Perks
– 2 Custom Perks (Snail’s Pace Slurpee and Cryo-Slide Soda!)
– LOTS of Custom Weapons from: MW2, BO1, MW3, BO2, Ghosts, AW, BO3, IW and BO4!
– 3 Custom Power-Ups (Speed Boost, Time Warp and Thunderstorm!)
– Napalm Boss Zombie (Starts Spawning at Round 10)
– Hellhounds Spawn WITH Zombies (Round 20 onwards)
– Buyable Ending
– Shadowman Announcer
– Custom BO4 Perk/Power-Up Icons
– Max Ammo Refills Your Clip! (Just like in my old maps and BO4!)
– Custom Round Start/End Sounds
– Small EE
– Hell’s Retriever/Redeemer
– Character Voices
– Red Zombie Eyes
– Ammo-matic
– Zombie Counter
– ZC Sounds!
– And much more! 😀


I do not own any assets included in this map, all game assets are property of Activison unless stated otherwise. All created community assets are property and the responsibility of their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.

If you feel there is a problem with any content in this map or any other map I have created (in terms of infringement; for example: lack of credit) please don’t hesitate to contact me through the social media links provided or on the Steam platform.

By subscribing to this mod you acknowledge this disclaimer.

Thank you! Ping998, out!



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