The Last Unity

The Last Unity
By: AlfaTheseus

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The Last Unity

*Volumetric Lighting recommended

(Remember: you can use “/map_restart” in the Console to restart the map in a different spawn location with a different time of day)

“The Last Unity” is the conclusion to my Black Ops III Zombies Map Collection. The map is a direct continuation of the previous “ The Damned of the Moor “, where escaping the Moors via teleporter has separated the 4 characters amongst a large countryside town in 1940s England.

“The Last Unity” features 4 opposite Spawn Areas where each player is separated from one-and-other, and must work towards re-uniting at the centre of the map – a bridge crossing a river, which splits the map into 2. Playing “The Last Unity” in Solo means that the player is given 1 of 4 different Spawn Areas, giving different environments and themes to the level upon Restarting. The play-spaces of “The Last Unity” are diverse, ranging from the familiar settings of my previous maps such as streets and construction, to new environments including forests and worn-down, abandoned buildings.

Re-playability has been a large focus with “The Last Unity”, which is why the map feels like a different experience every time you restart – featuring varying spawn locations and times of day. Much like my previous map “ The Damned of the Moor “, I wanted to maintain the vanilla Treyarch feeling of this map whilst still having a variety of custom and enjoyable content – in addition to trying to maintain stability of the experience by limiting the amount of custom scripts and features.

Please be sure to leave any feedback/bug reports in the Comments/Discussions sections!

General Features Overview:

-NEW: Buyable Ending
-4 Unique and fair Spawns Locations (Same Zombie Spawns, Weapons, and number of Perk Locations)
-Different experience every time you play – with changing spawns, times of day, and perk locations
-Large Map
-Ray Gun Buff; you can now Double Pack-A-Punch the Ray Gun (Try Fireworks!)
-Increased amount of Easter Eggs varying in sizes and complexity
-All 9 current Treyarch perks, with means to obtain them all
-Buildable Shield
-A mixture of larger, open spaces for Training – and tighter environments to add to the difficulty
-A handful of Custom Weapons

Credits (Please let me know if I have missed any)

– AlfaTheseus
-Frost Iceforge



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