Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
By: IceGrenade

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I*Major Bug Found* Please avoid using the elevator together when in a group as it may down your player (does not affect solo games) we are working on a fix to resolve this issue. Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome to the Wall! This is a Game of Thrones inspired challenge map. Make your way up the wall and then attempt to survive the Epic Boss fight!
Go prepared or face the consequences!
Big shout to Symbo for his support on this map 😀
Warning: There are a few small bugs (see bug section) but nothing game breaking. I plan to fix these asap! Please let me know any other bugs you discover!


Check out Jon Snow’s sword it’s pretty good!
You might want to get PHD if you camp the catwalk!
Secret Easter Egg to get all perks early if you visit Castle Black and find it!

No need to Donate, a simple upvote/share is epic!


If you want to donate a small amount, say enough for me to enjoy a drink it would be much appreciated! Or some beans, beans are good.


I know this map has a few obvious bugs but I plan to fix them asap as I missed the deadline!
(This includes: umbra pixel look, mp40 in the wall wallbuy, text stuck on the screen, no clip on fountain, boss fight needs improvement)
If you find bugs please report them and I will do my best to fix them asap.
Enjoy this madness! I had a lot of fun making this one! Made the whole thing live on YouTube:

Leaderboard – Solo
  • 00:29:42 IceGrenade
  • 00:37:45 NoahJ456
  • 00:41:01 Elgamingchannel
  • 00:45:03 Antone Robertson
  • 00:46:41 Spuddley
Leaderboard – Coop
  • 00:23:29 craigteacher, peritschonzeit, Main Street Elec, the Nothing
  • 00:35:10 TheDawnFox, Zombie Vendetta
  • 00:37:33 Ascended Zombie, SpikeTheShibaInu, Sit-Tanks-Alot, the Nothing
  • 00:41:14 TheDawnFox, Pony BronieMan

(To submit a record; link valid evidence of your gameplay in a comment)

  • Epic Dragon Boss Fight
  • Endless Spawning
  • Money Fountain
  • Secret Perk Side Easter Egg
  • Cinematic Elevator
  • Jon Snow’s Sword
  • TTS Commentry
  • Turn off music for streamers (Non copyright support)
  • Collectable Money Easter Egg (Crows)
  • Custom Fog
  • 100+ Weapons
  • No Perk Limit (Except one on wunderfizz)
  • Custom HUD Images
  • New Custom Wallbuys
  • Custom Font
  • Last Man Alive Suspense Music


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IceGrenade: ICE ZM Mod Level, Timescript, Music Edits, Easter Egg, Mapping, Scripting, FX
Symbo: Dragon, Elevator, Scripting and Support
DivineFury: Dragon
mathfag: Max Ammo Fix
ZoekMeMaar: ICE ZM Mod Level, Timescript, Thunderstorm
iBounce: BetterPrint Script
RTB WestyJoe: Castle Black Prefab
Natesmithzombies: Powerups, Hitmarkers & Last Man Suspense Music
Erthrocks: Weapon Ports
Tito Pricus: Weapon Ports
HarryBo21: Weapon Ports & Perks
ZeRoY & Ardivee: Difficulty Setting & Voxes
DTZXPorter: Wraith, LUA & Alias Names
UGX: Buyable Ending & Timed Gameplay
FX Rumble: Raptroes, Hubashuba, WillJones1989, alexbgt, NoobForLunch, Symbo, TheIronicTruth, JAMAKINBACONMAN, Sethnorris, Yen466, Lilrifa, Easy♥♥♥♥♥a, Erthrock, Will Luffey, ProRevenge,
DTZxPorter, Zeroy, JBird632, StevieWonder87, BluntStuffy, RedSpace200, Frost Iceforge, thezombieproject, Smasher248, JiffyNoodles, MadGaz, MZSlayer, AndyWhelen, Collie, HitmanVere,
ProGamerzFTW, Scobalula, Azsry, GerardS0406, PCModder, IperBreach, TomBMX, Treyarch and Activision, AllModz, TheSkyeLord
Stream Support Crew: Fiveseven, Skeedard, Kryptix Gaming, Patch the-first, Symbo, ImPryzZ, k3nt, Ac James, loren Rorry, bill davison, PeaHeaD, David FX, Shiv, POTTSY GAMING, Crazy Bullen, stubbyassassin, Z1620, TforTurbo, InsanityGamingHD, Spuddley, deceptive_viper, captain insano, gtlad, iFusionZ, Antone, BrownFox, Chris GS, elfenliedtopfan5, alexisloic and many more! 😀



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