DK2 Happy Beer Day

DK2 Happy Beer Day
By: Bullen

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One Room Challange

No Revive, use Who’s Who to survive longer and try to have an tactic after death, like using the “get drunk”.
Build up your shield, horrible zombie dogs after you.
Survive and get 100.000 Points to use Buyable Ending!
Use the Trading Table to get a maximum of 4 Weapons with Mule Kick counts.

#World War II Weapons.
#no Pack-a-Panch.
#PAP drops.
#Napalm Zombies.
#Dogs spawning in normal rounds.
#Toxic water.

#Challange yourself by just using the Magic Box, or buy yourself from the wall I chose on my map,
Model 21, EMP44, Breda m1930.

If you want to donate a small amount.

Team of Horny

Dark Mistress | Misty.
Warlock | Castro.
Dark Elf | Sarah.
Vampire | Arlington.


Credit to Icegrenade.
Credit to Sir-Tanks-Alot; My personal betatester.
Credit to Skye’s & lilrobot; WW2 Weapons.
Credit to Harry’s; Perks, Napalm Zombies.
Credit to DTZxPorter, Scobalula, Collie & Zeroy; Custom Playermodels.
Credit to Abnormal202; Snail’s Pace Slurpee.
Credit to mathfag; Wrath of the Ancients.
Credit to Kabe; Dog-Non-Stop script.

Credit Beta Testers

2 Squad Team; Me, Tjomen.
2 Squad Team; Me & Sir-Tanks-Alot.



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