Projeck Bra Karta

Projeck Bra Karta
By: Hazzy155

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-Buyable ending
-Musical EE
-Soul boxs
-Shared Bank

Update: #2
– Completely redid vulture aid room
– Added more detail in spawn near vulture aid room
– Adjusted direction of strange button in box room (players keep trying to press it)
– Added one more teddy bear near quick reload
– Added clip and barrels near Tombstone
– Remove strange electrical box from bottom of stairs
– Removed some spawners to make it easier in some rooms
– Fixed zombies from getting stuck near the bridge (thanks z1620 for showing it on stream)
– Fixed Box in spawn room clipping into the wall

Update: #1
– Fixed an embarrassing bald spot of grass near tunnel entrance
– Fixed power ups spawning outside of the playable area in spawn
– Fixed bad clipping on cart in the swamp
– Fixed random clip on swamp dock
– Added pharo gun wall buy in the hallway



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