Infinity Sandbox

Infinity Sandbox
By: Crazy Bullen

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Worlds Record

SkullSplitter43; 66 Rounds!
Luna<3; 60 Rounds!
Bullen; 56 Rounds!

Scrappy; 42 Rounds!
Young_Stalin_; 38 Rounds!
Garrick; 32 Rounds!
[LIVE]; 30 Rounds!
Spuddley; 26 Rounds!

Squad Records:
Ryder and Claw; 44 Rounds!
Niko & Oatmeal; 43 Rounds!
ItsJustAK, Joooooosh, obonga, ZDGameMe; 40 Rounds!
Metophobia Squad; 32 Rounds!
MoistClap & nuttyak2taps & Evan Stark; 31 Rounds!
PankakeLive; 26 Rounds!

Infinity Sandbox

The hardest Magic Box Challenge ever! With burning zombies who will explode in death! With Ultra sprinters, zombie dogs spawning at Round 12, Napalm Zombies spawning at Round 10, and with custom Perks and Weapons from IW, AW, BO4 and the Desert Eagle from MWR.

Start Weapon: Desert Eagle.
Start Health: 450. (You can survive mor an 7 hits, but the explosions can kill you sooner)
Transit Lava: Burning zombies explode in death.
Dogs & Napalm: Start to spawn on Round 12. Napalm Zombies start to spawn on round 10.
Drops: Pap drops, Weapon drops and Random Perk drops.
Falling Down: Teleporting back up, but falling in Laststand (Instand Death at Solo), but saved if you falling down on the light under the floating perks.
No Buyable Ending

New Perks

Crusaiders Ale: Knife a zombie/dog gives you 2x points for a while
and a shield that stop you to bleed from zombies.
Banana Colada: Gives player longer slide distance
and leaves a yeallow trail the zombies slip and die on.
Moonshine: When sliding you explode as you stop, limited to 25 slides per round
also 30% chance of setting zombies on fire when shooting them.
Bull Ice Blast: Double jump and press crouch in the air to slam blast the zombies into ice.
Snails Pace Slurpee: will slow down any zombie’s movement by 38%.
Cryo Slide Soda: Whenever you slide or knife, all nearby zombies will become frozen for 5 seconds.
Wind Runner Whiskey: When you sprint you can charge up a tornado that kills any zombie that gets nearby!
When you jump from heights, it causes an area of effect blast, killing/knocking over nearby Zombies.
Atomic Liqueur: Atomic Liqueur gives your knife the raw devastating power of a mini-nuke! It will kill up to 5 zombies instantly, with a fairly long cooldown. This perk stacks with other knife perks, such as Cryo Slide or Widows Wine.
Salvage Shake: Salvage shake restores a 5% of your clip ammo to your reserve ammo on your holstered weapon, every 10 seconds.

Magic Box

Pistol / Shotguns: Desert Eagle, Dual Ranger, MOG 12, Banshee, DCM-8, Bulldog, CEL-3, S12, Blunderbuss.
SMG: Erad, Raijin-EMX, Trencher, Type-2, HVR, VPR, RPR Evo, AMR9, Repulsor, SAC3, MX9, Escargot, Spitfire, Cordite.
Assoult Rifle / Tactical Rifle: R-VN, R3K, KBAR-32, X-EON, NV4, Volk, G-Rail, AE4, Maddox RFB, ICR-7, Vapr-XKG, Rampart 17, ABR 223, Swordfish, Auger DMR.
LMG: R.A.W, Titan, Auger, Mauler, Ohm, Pytaek, XMG – Bread and Butter, ZWEIHÄNDER.
Sniper: DMR-1, EBR-800, Widowmaker, KBS Longbow, Proteus, Atlas 20mm, Storm PSR.
Launcher: Howitzer, Spartan SA3, Venom-X, Stinger M7, MAAWS, MAHEM, RPG-7, Titus-6,
M2 Flamethrower.
Wonderweapon: Boomhilde, Ray Gun Mark II.

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Credit to Icegrenade.
Credit to Sir-Tanks-Alot; My personal betatester.
Credit to Skye’s & lilrobot; Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare, MWR, BO4.
Credit to Harry’s; Perks, Napalm Zombies.
Credit to DTZxPorter, Scobalula, Collie & Zeroy; Custom Playermodels.
Credit to Abnormal202; Snail’s Pace Slurpee & Cryo.
Credit to Kaizokuroof; Atomic Lliqueur, Salvage Shake;
Credit to Madgaz; Banana Colada, Crusaders Ale, Moonshine, Bull ice blast.
Credit to Kabe; Dog-Non-Stop script.
Credit to Symbo & HarryBo21; Transit Lava.
Credit to Scobulululula, ElRicos & paSH; Tranzit Sprinters. [pashzit_sprinters]



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