Evening of the Dead

Evening of the Dead
Version: Beta By: pagotherandy

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My first and only zombies map never finished.. made it 2 years ago and i love it, so i figured i’d share here with you guys.

A map meant to be based on the energy of Nacht Der Untoten, with all of the features of todays standard maps. Evening of the Dead offers some unique options for movement around the map, and an unlimited number of ways to play it. The map includes, 8 perks, double PaP, custom weapons and wonder weapons, secret buyables, and more to find (;

The map is meant to be rewarding as you get to the higher rounds, you’ll see why, i hope you enjoy!

Known bugs:
Buyable perk slot & table are broken
Dog animations are stiff in co-op (lol)

And please, if i used anybodys downloadables, remind me and i will definitely credit. Its been years since ive made this and i cant remember crap



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