Lego Jailbreak

Lego Jailbreak
By: TheRippa

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Welcome to Lego Jailbreak
Small Lego Style map, escape to the top to end game.

Updated:7/24 fix texture and changed few wall, some time cost showed up, other times says 0..and the box is not reading the weapon list correctly, not supposed to have wonder weapons in box..oh well

UPDATED:7/23 Map is now round based after several comments, hope its more fun :-).

Map features:

custom lego zombies
buyable jug,revive,speed cola,dbl tap,stamina, pap
Nates shootables for PAP door (16)
zombie counter-makecents
custom models
mystery box 2 locations-no wonder weapons
MakeCents_grow souls for door reward to access buyable ending
buyable ending-ugx
limted wall weapons
No dogs

Only tested solo, please let me know any issues



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