TMG Fun Too

TMG Fun Too
By: Quizz

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TMG Fun Too is the sequel to TMG Fun. Small and challenging, this map will be difficult for even a zombie pro. If you want an even bigger test of you skills¬†enable some challenges like “No Box” or “Random Weapons”.


This tiny map is packed with polished features. Check out the feature list below to see all that has been updated from the original “TMG Fun” map and classic zombies mode.


  • Challenge selection at the start of the map

  • Enable multiple challenges at once

  • Zombies only spawn in active areas

  • Active areas displayed on the mini-map

  • Point system gives points based on damage done

  • Many custom weapons

  • Music box plays random songs when shot

  • Custom HUD

  • Custom powerups

  • Custom scoreboard – press “x” by default to view

  • Many quality of life changes from stock zombies

  • Single perk machine which changes every round

  • PAP only active on dog round

  • Buyable ending



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