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“A small secret nuclear power plant built in the Highlands of Scotland. Only 10 miles from the ‘Der Keres’ facility. A group of liquidators are sent to investigate the strange goings-on reported at the plant, but they could never have imagined what horrors lurk inside…”

Highscores (Round No):

1.(JOINT) Ashil (Round 47!!!)
1.(JOINT) Virtue (Round 47!!!)
2. End1ess (Round 46)
3. hueLinkk (Round 42)

Send me a screenshot of you beating the map and you might get on the highscores table! (NOTE: Those who use an extra mod to cheat will be automatically disqualified)

Main Objectives:

1. Turn On Power
2. Raise Security Levels to Open PaP
3. Find the 4 Symbols
4. Enter them in the Correct Order
5. Buy the Ending

There are other easter eggs if you’re able to find them!

Known Bugs:

(no major game-breaking bugs)

– Sliding in specific areas will give a visual glitch for a second, this is unable to be fixed at the current moment
– Sickle cannot lunge, it will be replaced by the regular Widow’s Wine knife when the perk is acquired

NOTE: DO NOT use map_restart or fast_restart, this can break things! (This is applicable to almost ALL maps on the workshop!)


– 44 All Custom Weapons! (From BO4, BO3, MW:R)
– 12 Perks!: Quick Revive, Electric Cherry, PHD, Speed Cola, Widow’s Wine, Stamin-Up, Jugg, Double-Tap, Mule Kick, Salvage Shake, Deadshot and Vulture-Aid!
– Custom Perk: Salvage Shake!
| Description: Restores 5% of your stowed weapon’s stock ammo every 10 seconds!
| Cost: 4500
– 6 Perk Limit
– Custom Hazmat Player Models!
– Ambient Sounds
– Custom Round Sounds!
– Parasite Boss Rounds!
– Goliath Boss!
– Custom Animated PaP Camo!
– Sickle Melee Weapon!
– Claymores!
– My Best Detailing To Date!
– Main Easter Egg!
– Side Easter Eggs!
– Custom EE Sounds
– Green Zombie Eyes!
– Zombie Chronicles Zombie Sounds!
– Pack-A-Punch
– Volumetric Lighting
– Buyable Ending
– Shield!
– Custom Perk/Power-Up Shaders
– And much much more!!


Design/Layout/Implementation – Ping998
Font – Forced Square (by DrawPerfect)

BO4 Ray Gun + Additional Assets – OffTheGrid
BO3 M14 – eMoX MaNgA
Sickle – GCPeinhardt
Claymores – JBird632
Inspectable Weapon Script – dr. squidbot
All other weapons – TheSkyeLord (BIG THANKS!!)
PaP Camo Background Texture – SpiralGraphics {LINK REMOVED}
PaP Camo Creation – Ping998

Perk Icons – ProRevenge (+ Ping998 for Salvage Shake icon)
Salvage Shake – Kaizokuroof
All other perks + functionality – Harry Bo21

BO4 Power-up Icons – robit
WaW/BO1 Samantha Announcer – TrueGamerCalls
Zombie Money Power-up – NateSmithZombies

Moon Zombie Models – Erthrock
Green Zombie Eyes – Frost IceForge
Zombie Chronicles Zombie Sounds – Wafflez
Parasite Boss Rounds – Symbo (BIG THANKS!)
Goliath Boss – steviewonder87 (BIG THANKS!)

Hazmat Player Models + Icons – ThomasCat
Origins HUD – RudySPG

Main EE scripting – Ping998
Samantha Side EE scripting – Symbo
BO4 Max Ammo – mathfag
PaP EE scripting – Spiral / Ping998
Better Print Script – IceGrenade
UGX Buyable Ending – UGX Team
Hitmarkers – natesmithzombies
Custom Minigun – tbone-5
Shield EE – Uptownpapi25
Round Sound Scripts – Collie
Zombie Respawn Implementation – Zeroy (Wiki)

Musical EE song – “Undone” by Brian Tuey
PaP EE Panel On Noise – KP (soundbible website)
Power On Noise – gio td (freesound website)
Ambient Soundtrack – felix.blume (freesound website)
Geiger Counter Noise – johnnythesalesman (freesound website)
Origins Sounds – Wild
Der Eisendrache Sounds – Wild
Round Intro Sound Amalgamation – Ping998

Ping998, Pure

I’m probably forgetting someone so please let me know if you think you should be in the credits! 🙂

Please put any bug reports in the “bug reports” discussion and feedback in the “feedback” discussion!

This map took me a while to make, I hope you all have fun with it!

Thanks again,

– Ping998, out!



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