The Lyosacks Zombie Town

The Lyosacks Zombie Town
By: VoiceOfJared

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Based on the Youtube animated series called “The Lyosacks”, you must battle the unlimited zombie horde in a very accurate remake of the town that the show takes place in.

This map was authorized by the show’s creator and he also made the art and music for the map, so thanks to Alvaro Calmet.

The map does have an easter egg (guide will be pinned in the discussions below) as well as an easter egg song made by the show’s creator.

The map has 11 perks (But to keep the map some what balanced, the perk limit is 8 perks):
Quick Revive
Speed Cola
Double Tap 2.0
Widows Wine
Electric Cherry (in the wunderfizz)
PHD Flopper
Vulture Aid

Radio Voice Acting done by:
Alvaro Calmet as Alec Lynch
Julian Dorra as Ray Osbourne
James Smith as Vince Ackerman
Calvin as Ryan Osbourne
Chris as the old Yequil
Aaron Nield as new Yequil
Jason Zumwalt as Don Morettini
Benny Botros as Pizza Guy (the guy who says “game over” when you loose)

Music used (all made by Alvaro Calmet and from The Lyosacks soundtrack):
Moving On
Nazi Zombies 5 Song
The Boy And The Machine
The Ozzy’s Theme
The Beginning of a Journey
(the round ending song is new and isn’t in the soundtrack)

Coding and prefabs credit:
Electric Traps, key card, and sheild: Uptownpapi25
Jump pad: RedSpace200 Standalone
Pack A Punch teleporter and ending: NateSmithZombies
Shootable Targets and radio function: IceGrenade
soul collect: M.A.K.E. C E N T S
Extra Perks: Wardhogsk93
Power Switch: Shinged


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