Raven Hill Hardcore

Raven Hill Hardcore
By: Bullen

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Raven Hill -Hardcore-
Dare I say the hardest map alive? Welcome to Raven Hill Hardcore without a Window! Just don’t die, or maybe you can’t escape it in the one of the smallest surface to run inside!

Here is the Original map of this: The One Window Challenge = https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1850820537

Pack- A- Panch = After Round 14!
Buyable Ending = 75.000!

Zombie Models
Erthrocks – Shang zombies, Erthrocks – Kino zombies

Perks = 6
Magic Box = 76 Weapons!
Read under to see what weapons you can find in the Box; >>>>>>>

Modern Warfare 2
USP-45, M93 Raffica, PP2000, .44 Magnum, Mini-Uzi, MP5K, Vector, UMP45, P90, F2000, M4A1, TAR-21, AK-47, SCAR-H, FAL, M16A4, AUG HBAR, RPD, SPAS-12, AA-12, Striker, Dragunov, WA2000, M14 EBR, Intervention, RPG-7.

Black Ops 1
Python, Skorpion, Spectre, AK-74u, AUG, Commando, Galil, RPK, HK21, Stoner63, Stakeout, HS-10.

Modern Warfare 3
PM-9, MP7, PP90M1, Type 95, FAD, KSG 12, M320 GLM, XM25.

Black Ops 2
Executioner, Peacekeeper, SWAT-556, M27, AN-94, HAMR, Blundergat, Ballista.

Cbjms, Vepr, K7, Honeybadger, AK-12, Maverick, MSBS, M27 IAR, Ameli, Chain Saw, MTS-255, Maverick A2, VKS.

World War II
Type 100, Bren, Walther Automatic Shotgun, M30 Luftwaffe Drilling,

Modern Warfare Remastered
Desert Eagle, MP44.
Deathmachine = Rangers

Black Ops 4
Ray Gun.

If you want to donate a small amount.

Credit to Icegrenade;
Credit to Harry’s; Perks.
Credit to Abnormal202; Cryo.
Credit to Kabe; Dog-Non-Stop script.
Credit to Erthrocks; Shang & Kino zombies.
Credit to OffTheGrid & Tyler Helliwell; Black Ops 4 Ray Gun.
Credit to DTZxPorter, Scobalula, Collie & Zeroy; Custom Playermodels.
Credit to Skye’s & lilrobot; Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 1, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2, Ghosts, World War II, Modern Warfare Remastered.


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