Beverage Company

Beverage Company
By: CodeJaKla

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– Custom main menu
– Custom main menu music
– a Map in the pause screen
– JukeBox by UGX
– Zombie Area Spawn not only near to the player
– Custom Traps
– Kino Style Teleporter with Item Room

Custom Mix Rounds Every
– 5th Round the zombies are “Verr├╝ckt”
– 10th Boss Zombie
– Hellhound
– Mix Rounds

Best weapons from:
– Cod 5 WaW
– Cod Black ops 1 & Thundergun with custom skin

– Juggernog (4 Hit)
– SpeedCola
– Staimnup
– PHD Flopper
– Deathshot
– DoubleTap
– MuleKick

Thanks to:
– Bamskater33’s for the buggy perks :)
– BluntStuffy for the Boss zombie tutorial
– Aidan for the Kino Style Tutorial without item room
– MakeCents for the custom main menu tutorial
– zombie madness for the ported weapons
– tom-crowley for his tools
– Harry Bo21 for not finished scripts for the thunder gun

Spezial Thanks to:
– StikNMuvE for placing Models in the map
– L.C.F. for the painting of the map
– UGX Mods for the Wiki and the forum



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