Resident Evil: Baker Mansion

Resident Evil: Baker Mansion
By: WahahaPanda

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Welcome to the Baker Plantation

[My very FIRST MAP : might and probably is a bit unbalanced]


1 – Added Max Ammo Crate, purchasable for 4500 points (so players can take advantage of the Easter Egg guns)

Known bugs:

2 – The one upstairs does not work atm, will look into fix.

3 – Zombies can’t do climbing animations, as it’s a custom model, haven’t got the climbing animation to work yet

Explore the very mansion that you may have already escaped from in Resident Evil 7, where the map might be the same, but the monsters that haunts inside are more aggressive and unforgiving than its former residents.

[Hint: When all you see is red, shoot everything dead]
Right now, if played with multiple people only one player can see the health bar. Looking for a fix.

Hints are scattered across the map, which are required in order to move onto the next step of the Easter egg. Make sure you look closely on what the hints provide. Multiple rewards, including guns, perks, and new locations. If you have played Resident Evil 7 you might have a slight advantage during this experience.

You will need to find the hints (treasure maps) before some Easter Eggs are enabled. Please look at the treasure map images carefully!

Guns obtained from Easter Eggs might contain low ammo, you can purchase Max Ammo later on in the game for 4500 points (will add wallbuys for them soon).

FUTURE PLANS: Adding ambient music as a first, and potentially more Easter eggs that open up to new locations that are not from the original RE game. I

Be patient with the ladder and thank you for playing-!


This will be updated regularly (check RECENT UPDATES to see if any)

  • 4 Unique Custom Weapons
  • Custom Zombie Model
  • Custom Boss Fight
  • MWR, BO1 and WW2 Guns
  • Buyable Ending



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