Abandoned German Town

Abandoned German Town
By: FlutterShy

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This map is great for running trains or camping, it is set in an old abandoned german town that is closed off from main roads and has been forgotten about for years.
Map includes- TheSkyeLord’s BO1 and WW2 weapon packs.-Custom Easter egg song.(shoot all the teddy bears)
How high of a round can you survive? Let me know if theres any issues with the map, only known issue is a door doesnt spin open when purchased. it will still let you walk through it though. Thank you for playing!
TheSkyeLord (bo1 and ww2 weapon packs)

Leaderboards Highest round:
1st. AmneziA RayDen round 57
2nd. Seshumer round 45
3rd. SG Venator round 36

future map development: I appreciate everyone playing this map and giving it a try. within the next month or two i will be releasing probably one of my biggest map creations. This was just a quick update with whats to come in the future. thank you for playing. 🙂



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