Wolf Cabin

Wolf Cabin
By: ConvictioNDR

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Return to the Cabin in the woods and complete new challenges to progress through the map.
This is a remaster of a section from my Wolf River map from World at War made into a challenge map. I will not be remastering the full map. I am focusing my efforts on other new projects.

– Challenge System.
– Killstreak perk system.
– Modern Weapons.
– Gun game, sharpshooter, one in the chamber.
– Hidden Pack a Punch.

Killer Potato – Weapons.
ZCTxCHAOSx – Various help.
lilrobot – Inspectable weapons script.
Erthrock – CDC characters.
DTZxPorter – Wraith.
Scobalula – Greyhound, Hydrax.
DamianoTBM – Weapon Sounds and MW2 Assets help.
raptroes and UltraZombieDino – Weapons Help and Feedback.
Blak – Riley Sound Template.
xSanchez78 – Conversion Rigs.
TheSkyeLord – Reticle Settings.
Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Sledgehammer Games/Raven – Original Game Assets.



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