Staircase to Heaven

Staircase to Heaven
By: TJ UndeadSlayer

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It took me about a month to make this. I originally wasn’t going to but my friend and I were playing maps like Bunker 10 and Stairway to Hell and he was like, “Yo, you should make a map like that.” So I did. The doors get more expensive as you go up, and you must fill up all the soul collectors to escape.

UPDATE: Added bo4 weapons, replaced wardog’s perks with Harrybo21’s, improved the overall look of the map but didn’t show it in the screenshots cause laziness.

Map Includes:

-World at War Round Start and End Music (Because why wouldn’t I?)
-Black Ops II Perks (Harrybo21)
-Hitmarkers (NateSmithZombies)
-Brutus (NateSmithZombies)
-Soul Boxes (MakeCents)
-Black Ops 4 Weapons (TheSkyeLord)
-Hidden Song (Jbrid632)
-Secret Buidable (Archaivirus)
-Buyable Ending



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