Nightmare Castle – Halloween

Nightmare Castle - Halloween
By: Sphynx

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*NOTE: This map has been made in no more than 2 weeks. So please note that some things may be lacking or missing. All easter eggs should work as intended. But if there are any complications you may experience please let me know in the Bug Discussions. *

This map was made for ZMBR season 1 by Z1620.

*NOTE: Because of this map being in ZMBR and me only having worked for 2 weeks on this map to make it, I couldn’t put more time and effort into the boss fight. The boss fight is straight up surviving and getting as much kills as possible, where kills will reward max’s and free perks. *

An old Egyptian Castle overrun by hordes of zombies.

Support me:

If you’d like to support me and encourage me to bring out more maps, consider donating at the following link:

I dare you guys to:
  • No Perk Challenge
  • No Jugg Challenge
  • No Gobblegum Challenge
  • Highest Round Record
  • Fast Completion Record
  • First Room Challenge


  • Full Main Easter Egg
  • Boss Fight
  • Multiple Side Easter Eggs
  • Custom Perks
  • Alternative Repacking Weapons
  • World War 2 Weapons by Skye
  • Special Halloween Zombie/Dog models
  • Buyable Ending?
  • Perk descriptions
  • 6 Perk limit + EE increase
  • Music Easter Egg – !Copyrighted!

If you would like to be added onto the leaderboards please make sure you send me a PM with the video and I will review it.


Dying Wish – Has no indicator if it’s ready or used (will be updated)


Sphynx(me) – Mapping/Creator – Boss Fight Script – Several EE Scripts
Michael J. – Sodalicious Script
Coolroo – Helmet Script, Alternative Weapon Upgrade Script and Victorious Tortoise, Dying Wish
MiKeY – Bug fixing several scripts
Zeroy – Zombie Models
Robit & Clix – Hitmarkers
skyeslord – Several Weapon Packs
OffTheGrid – Ray Gun
Booris – Trailer
NSZ – Buyable Ending script
Divinefury – Sodalicious Perk Model
Killjoy – Hound Models
Conviction – Improved Tiger Rounds
Symbo – Explosive Fire Zombies

A big Thank you to everyone that have tested the map!
Project Phantom
Black Royalty
Hoovy Bear

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me with the map and please let me know if I have forgotten anyone else in the credit list by PMin me on discord.



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