Enemy Territory

Enemy Territory
By: WolfETPlayer

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Enemy Territory – is a remake of all 6 multiplayer maps from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (2003).

There are 6 maps in one:

Railgun – cold, snowy map, set in Northern Germany near the Dora Railgun.

Seawall Battery – map is set on the coast of the Mediterranean. Near the shore battery “Sigfried”.

Wurzburg Radar – a dark forest map set in Europe.

Gold Rush – Tobruk Central bank in North Africa.

Fuel Dump – cold and snowy map set in Northern Europe.

Siwa Oasis – African Oasis in the middle of sandstorm.

-World War 2 weapons
-Buyable ending
-6 Teddies easter egg with perk reward.
-Radio easter egg
-Unlockable Pack-a-Punch
-SOE-like teleports
-Napalm Zombies
-Custom announcers
-Trading table
-Turret traps
-Buildable Shield
-7 perks

Make sure to check out my other maps:
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Siwa Oasis

If you are willing to help me restock my supplies of pizza and diet coke, I accept the donations via PayPal[paypal.me]

WWII Weapons – Skye
Kino zombies – Erthrock
Buyable ending script – MakeCents
Additional models – Call of Duty: World at War, Black Ops II, WWII
Additional sounds – Day of Infamy, Doom 3, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
Additional textures – Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Harrybo21 – Napalm Zombies, Buildable Shield, Traps
Trading Table – FrostIceforge



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