Alien Invasion – V1.2

Alien Invasion
Version: 1.2 By: Dannyy

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Alien Invasion – V1.2

Alien Invasion

Thought I would re-upload some maps having taken some time away from modding. More maps to follow shortly with some new release coming soon too.

Find a way to save the town..

Map Includes –
– Main EE
– Side EE
– Custom Bosses
– Custom Voice Lines
– Custom weapons
– Custom Perks

Credits –
KillJoy – Some Public Scripts
Steviewonder87 – A shoulder to cry on
TheSkyeLord – Weapon Ports
Natesmithzombies – Some Public Scripts
ZeRoY – Few Models
Ardivee – Few Models
Verk0 – Luts
GCPeinhardt – Wave Gun
F3ARxReaper666 – Challenge Script
HarryBo21 – Few Scripts, FX, Also Played Guitar with no shirt on
Madgaz – Mapping Help, Custom Perks, Ginger Beard
Symbo – Scripting Help
ninjamanny829 – Zombie Models
eMoX MaNgA – Weapon Ports
DTZxPorter – Model Exporter
ProRevenge – Weapon Ports
Scobalula – For his tools, Player Models
Ice Grenade – Mapping Tutorials
Karnage – Cause Karnage
AlfaTheseus – He didn’t do anything

^Let me know if i’ve missed anyone

Please Note this is a oldish map and i’m not currently working on it (or really holding onto the map file) anymore so can’t update or improve.

Have a good weekend



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