[TFC MOD] The First Cycle

[TFC] The First Cycle
Version: 8.7 By: Blak

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The Giant is rising. Face the might of the Nazi Zombies in their heartland. This is where it all began. This is where the master plan took shape. Is this where it all ends?


Future development of the mod has been put on hold until further notice – I am currently prioritising other projects but will eventually come back to this one.

No promises, but there may come a day some point in the future where I’ll put out one final update for this mod, a big one. I’ll leave things at that for now

Important note to content creators:
We request that you provide a link to the mod’s workshop page as a form of credit. We appreciate the recognition, and it also allows your fans to find the mod to play themselves – it only takes a minute of your time, so why not?

If you enjoy playing the mod, please consider upvoting it to show your support!

The First Cycle is a mod which adds CoD: World War II weapons and revamps both The Giant and the World at War remastered maps to “the first cycle”, whilst preserving certain enjoyed new additions. One example of such changes is that the Wunderwaffe DG-2 should behave much more closely to its World at War version (without the Juggernog bug of course!)

The mod’s features include:

– Many of these weapons include Weapon Kit functionality. Unfortunately, this does not extend to all weapons, due to game limitations.
– They also have inspect animations. Please report weapons that do not inspect to the bugs list discussion at the bottom of this post.
– They also replace wallbuys.
– Extra features will be added in updates, including visual wallbuy changes and “special” Pack a Punch functionality.

– Much of the ambient sounds unique to Der Riese have been restored, including the symbolic clock ticking and the air raid sirens.
– Characters are Ultimis.
– Characters have their Der Riese voice lines, including specific cases such as viewing the Pack a Punch machine or entering a teleporter area for the first time.
– The fly trap is reverted to its Der Riese version in all respects except for reward.
– Extra features will be added in updates.

– It chains zombies much faster.
– Its Pack a Punch version is able to chain up to 24 zombies, just like World at War.

– Marine Raider characters added for Nacht der Untoten and Verruckt.
– Nacht der Untoten voice lines disabled.
– Verruckt marine voice lines added.
– Shi no Numa has Japanese CoD WWII wallbuys in place of where Treyarch added wallbuys in Black Ops III.
– Extra features will be added in updates.

– Multiple features such as start round, timed gamplay, zombie counter, etc. The host has the option to edit these in the lobby.
– Extra features will be added in updates. Additionally, if there are any specific mutators you would like to see added, feel free to suggest them and we will attempt to add the functionality.

– Two gamemodes are currently available for you to play: Classic, Gun Game [More to come in future]

Stopping Power: Doubles bullet damage (You can change this to a round-based formula in Mutators)
Bandolier Brew: Increases stock ammo on TFC weapons by ~50%
Shady Shandy: Outlines enemies within a certain radius of the player.
Martyr Martini: Extends bleedout time and calls in a nuke powerup when you go down.
PHD Slider: Explosive slide, grenades split, immune to self-inflicted damage (such as explosions)

Weapon list:

– M1941
– M1 Garand
– STG-44
– M1 Carbine
– FG-42
– M1918 BAR
– SVT-40
– Gewehr 43
– Volkssturmgewehr
– Type 5
– M2 Carbine coming soon
– Breda M1935 PG
– AVS-36
– Fedorov Avtomat
– AS-44
– Charlton Assault Rifle
– Kg m/21
– STG-45 Horn
– Wimmersperg Spz

– Grease Gun
– PPSh-41
– Type 100
– MP-28
– M1928 Thompson
– MP-40
– Sten
– MAB 38
– MAS-38
– Sterling
– Nambu Type 2
– ZK-383
– Ribeyrolles
– Tokyo Arsenal 1927
– EMP-44
– Blyskawica
– Erma EMP
– Bechowiec
– Austen
– M2 Hyde
– Suomi KP-31
– Classified coming soon

– Lewis Gun
– MG-15
– Bren
– MG-42
– Breda 30
– MG-81 as Death Machine
– Browning M1919 “Stinger”
– VMG 1927 coming soon
– LAD Machine Gun
– Chatellerault
– Classified coming soon
– Classified coming soon

– Kbsp wz.38M
– Lee-Enfield
– M1903 Springfield
– Kar98k
– Arisaka
– Winchester 94
– PTRS-41
– De Lisle Carbine
– Mosin-Nagant
– SDK 9mm
– Wz. 35 coming soon
– MAS-36

– M1897 Trench Gun
– M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
– Walther Toggle Action
– Winchester Model 21
– Blunderbuss
– Classified coming soon

– P-08 Luger
– Nambu Type 14
– M1911
– M712 Schnellfeuer
– Walther P38 coming soon
– Enfield No. 2 coming soon
– Reichsrevolver coming soon
– Classified coming soon

– Panzerschreck coming soon
– Fliegerfaust coming soon

– Crossbow
– Ray Gun Mark II ported for non-ZC
– Ray Gun tweaked
– Wunderwaffe DG-2 tweaked

Supported maps:

– Shadows of Evil
– Der Riese
– Der Eisendrache
– Zetsubou no Shima
– Gorod Krovi
– Revelations
– Nacht der Untoten
– Verruckt
– Shi no Numa
– Kino der Toten
– Ascension
– Shangri-La currently unsupported: This will be fixed ASAP.
– Moon
– Origins
– More to come, perhaps.


This mod wouldn’t have been possible without:
– Scobalula: The community doesn’t appreciate you nearly enough for the tools you’ve provided. Thanks for all of those programs, and thanks for helping me along the way with various bits, such as providing the Undead Warden and the general help with issues I encountered. Keyloggers btw
– raptroes: Your clown ass endured me long enough to help me with various issues, provided tips and tricks, and provided various assets. Thanks man, you’re a unit.
– Thomas Cat: You make for a good meme sir. Thanks for the weapons you ported, despite some having some issues.
– JariK: Cheers for the LUI and PaP script, among Weapon Kit help.
– MotoLegacy: Many thanks sir for the lush classic-modern perk shaders thx n mutator menu (hopefully)

Extra credits:
– DTZxPorter
– SE2Dev
– Nukem
– id-daemon
– 762NATO
– ZeRoY
– Maciej Ray Marcin
– Aiden
– Azsry
– Collie
– Harry Bo21
– NateSmithZombies
– lilrobot
– JBird632
– Ardivee
– Treyarch
– Sledgehammer Games
– Activision
– Luchador
– QuentinFTL
– TheSkyeLord
– MotoLegacy
– lilrifa
– El_Coco_Nut
– Honkler
If I have forgotten anyone, instead of starting an anti-Blak rally, please instead just let me know and I’ll add your credit. Lost my original credit list so it’s possible (likely) I’ll forget to add some people.

If you’re simply going to comment with complaints about issues already known (check Trello), or going to complain that I haven’t done xyz quick enough, you will not be responded to or worse thx

Edit 10/8/19: So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a million ratings, 5 stars and still growing! The fact that we’ve reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I’m-I’m just amazed. Thank you all so much for supporting this mod and helping it grow. I-I love you guys… You guys are just awesome.


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