Project Elemental

Project Elemental
By: Polystyreeni

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Project Elemental
“Our four heroes used the teleporter in Hanoi and got themselves in the middle of a jungle. After some aimless searching they find a huge research center hidden in the middle of nowhere. They soon realize that the events in Hanoi were just the tip of the iceberg. And it seems that Ricthofen knows a bit too much about this facility and it’s only alive inhabitant.”

NOTE: This mod has some copyrighted music, so if you’re planning on making a video, you might want to turn your music volume down!

After 2 and half years of development, Project Elemental is out! Welcome to my first (and most likely last) Black Ops 3 zombies map.

-Four elemental wonder weapons + ultimate versions, all custom
-A full quest with a boss fight and ending cutscene
-Afterlife / SOE beastmode system
-Many bosses, including Avogadro and Engineer, ready to ruin your day
-Weapons ranging from WaW to WWII, mostly from Ghosts
-Origins style generator system
-Custom perk
-Multiple gamemodes
-Point sharing: use 1 (default) to drop some cash to your friends

-Normal: Pretty much your average modern Treyarch zombies map
-Classic: Back to the days when zombies was about surviving. Ultimate wonder weapons are easily obtainable. No afterlife, no quest. Activate power, pack a punch some weapons and kick ???!
-Gungame: Pretty much what you’d expect. First one to go through all weapons wins.
-Scavenger: No mystery box, no wall weapons. Those pesky zombags have all your weapons. Better get them back soon.

DTZxPorter: Tools like Wraith, Kronos, and Wraith Reverant, L3ak Mod for lua
Scobalula: Tools like Greyhound, Cerberus, HydraX, Dual Render scopes and other useful tuts (Big thanks to all your work)
Collie: Conversion Rig and Maya shelf
Se2Dev: SETools, lua
Nukem: Lua
HarryBO21: A lot of Script Help, perks, traps, tutorials
BluntStuffy: A lot of script help since WaW days
NateSmithZombies: Script Help
Abnormal202: Script Help
MakeCents: Script Help
Jon Ford: Radiant Help
JBird632: Radiant and script help
Matarra: Script Help
DuaLVII: Script Help
Erthrock: Character and Shangri-La zombie models
Spiki: Script help
DrLilRobot: Script Help
Ducky: Random Starting weapon script
Ardivee: Mud script, tutorials, Der Eisendrache vox
Symbo: Script Help, Point share script, traps
Redspace200: Jump Pads
Verk0: Radiant Help (especially with lighting)
TheSkyeLord: WW2, MWR and MW3 weapons
Idogftw: Provided me with afterlife models & anims
Jr Rizzo: Shadowman vox
Blak: Weapon sound template, reticles
Thomas Cat: Maya Help
Cornrow Wallace: Useful streams, Radiant Help
GCPeinhardt: ZC voices
Wafflez: ZC sounds
Mick Gordon: Boss fight music
Beast in Black: EE song

And of course:
Treyarch, Infinity ward, Sledgehammer and Id-software for amazing (and less amazing) content.

-Polystyreeni, ihmiskeho, MdMaxx, Kunjora

Missing from this list? Let me know!

Update Jan 26:

-Improved avogadro with hitmarkers/sounds so you know when you’re dealing damage to him
-On solo, you now have 3 afterlifes, similar to motd and soe
-Reload quotes now twice as rare
-Added some guidance to the map, so you know where to go (hopefully)
-Some door prices lowered
-Some hints to the ee added / made more obvious
-Stones will now display a hintstring if you try to grab one while already owning one
-Added some nice rewards for those who throughly explore the map
-You can now exit the underground area once the lockdown is completed
-Weapon file tweaks

-Pre-bossfight game over is no more
-Boss freezing on coop fixed
-Boss swarm attack fixed
-Boss rocket attack fx fixed
-Deathbarrier near box fixed
-You can no longer get stuck in the hole near pack-a-punch
-Clipping improved on some areas
-Slow melee with pistols, when you clip is empty
-You can no longer revive yourself with projectile weapons
-Players joining mid-game should now spawn in correct locations
-Wunderfizz near PHD can now be turned on
-Perks in gungame now disable properly

With that all said, Enjoy!



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