Dark Prison

Dark Prison
By: eDeK

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Dark Prison is a secret dungeon located at Shang Tsung’s Palace.
This hidden, underground and grim dungeon called the Dark Prison was a stage that first appeared in Mortal Kombat Deception and it is located in Outworld.
( Mini room challenge )
All languages available.

*The challenges only work in SOLO.
*Dont kill the last bat on the “bats round” near the cells or your powerup can get stuck.
*You have “pink powerups” and “white powerups”.
*The first powerup you get is rotative (Pink powerup), if you dont pick up the “pink powerup” the next powerup you get is a “white powerup”.

Pink powerups:

*Max Ammo
*Double Points
*Fast Feet
*Free Perk
*Infinite Ammo
*Time Warp

White powerups:

*Spikes Trap
*Free Packapunch
*Zombie Blood



Xdferpc Maps:


This map has not been possible without the direct or indirect help of Treyarch, Activision, ASW, Xdferpc, Spiki, Natesmithzombies, Frost Iceforge, Ihmiskeho, Abnormal202, Cryoblink, JBird632, TheSkyeLord, UGXMods, Scobalula, Kabe, ZoekMeMaar, Ghostlycreep, Marksman147, Symbo, Erthrocks, Uptownpapi25, BlackMamba231, CraftDAnimations, QuentinFTL, IceGrenade, Veertasea, IamThatMichael, Robit, Killjoy, Tom_Bmx, Graffiti, ConvictioNDR, Ardivee, Zeroy, Jay Creations, MakeCents, Alexbegt, DTZxPorter, Azsry, Jia909, Harry Bo21, VerK0, MJPWGaming, thanks for share tutorials, custom weapons, characters voices, anims, powerups, lut, scripts, traversals, prefabs…



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