Resurrection Of Evil

Resurrection Of Evil
By: WolfETPlayer

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Resurrection of Evil

February, 1943. Squad of US rangers was sent to investigate strange Nazi activity in the area. On their patrol they are stumbled upon abandoned Chateau, which is plagued by the demonic forces. Nazies satanic ritual went too far, and they resurrected the satan himself. It’s time to send him back to Hell.


-World War 2 weapons
-Main EE quest with buyable endfight
-6 Shootable Ravens EE with 2 perks reward for each player
-Radios EE
-Custom zombie models
-Custom player models
-Napalm Zombies
-Custom mystery box model
-Custom announcer
-9 perks (no perk limit)
-Jukebox with switchable songs
-Claymore mines
-Trading table
-Buildable Dragon Shield
-Custom powerups
-Bank where players can share points

Main EE guide:

1. Find the secret switch to unlock the secret room, containing the Soul Sphere. (switch is somewhere near one of the fountains)
2. Collect the Soul Sphere.
3. Place the Soul Sphere on Rutual Table.
4. Iniciate the ritual (50k points).
5. Hold on for 3 minutes till the ending.
!Warning! Zombies will have increased speed and health during this end fight. Spawn delay will be minimal. So prepare for a fight.

PaP quest guide:

1. Find the Demonic Heart.
2. Remove the Door Seal using Demonic Heart.

Known bugs:
-Due to the map structure there are some dogs and zombies pathing problems. All of them are completely avoidable if most of the barriers/doors are opened. So dont abuse it and open doors for these cute enemies of yours.
-Workshop is lying about map size. Real map size is 3.6gb.

Dont use “fast_restart” or “map_restart”. This will break the scripts and the map will be unplayable. Do a full restart from the lobby.

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If you are willing to help me restock my supplies of pizza and diet coke, I accept the donations via PayPal[]



Infinity Ward – original map (Chateau) (Call of Duty-2003)
Jos van Laar – Chateau World at War remake. Map was based on his sources. Check out his portfolio here []
Skye – WWII Weapon Ports
ConvictioNDR – zombie collision script, dog fix scripts
KillJoy – Zombie model
Harrybo21 – Buildable Shield, SOE box model
Frost Iceforge – Trading table, Bank
Additional Sounds – Return to Castle Wolfenstein, World at War, Doom 3, Day of Infamy
Additional Models – WW2, World at War
Andy King (treminaor) – Buyable Ending script
Raptroes – Nuke Effect ending
Reaper_9382 – additional support
Jbird – Claymores
Zeroy – M2 Flamethrower
Happiste – testing
RllyyTwitchyy.csv – testing
Doom 3 Theme cover – Dextrila. Check out his channel – here
HD Flesh textures – ThatSavior
ThomasCat – WW2 Player Model
AGC – Black Ops 2 Shader Pack



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