nightmare On Kermit Street

Nightmare On Kermit Street
By: Renegade

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Welcome to your worst nightmare… and no, not because it’s scary.

*ATTENTION: This is a very small map made in a few days for the memes, meant to be played with the Kermit Mod, which you can find on the workshop page. It’s not my finest work, but it’s not meant to be either, so there’s that.*

There are 4 floors, PAP is at the top. The Perks get better the higher you go.

(If you’re a content creator playing this, the least you could do is link this workshop page, it helps a lot. Thanks!)

FUN FACT: The whole entire house is one model (besides some prop models obviously. Also apologies if throwing frags is awkward, since the whole house is 1 model, the clipping makes it buggy with grenades).


Renegade – Map

762NATO – Kermit Voicelines

Uk_ViiPeR – Providing the house & vista models.

Raptroes – Providing the MWR Ports.

Ninjamanny829 – Strife, Daemon 3xb, Swat FRT, Vapr-XKG, SDM, Paladin HB50, and Dragoon weapon ports.

Blak – VKM 750 and Nailgun weapon ports.

Lethal Peelz – The custom animated SKS & Remington 870. They’re included as a preview for Baikonur, my actual WIP map. He rigged the Galil ARM as well, which you can find in the mystery box.

Scobalula – Greyhound, model extraction tool.
DTZxPorter – Wraith Archon, model extraction tool.

HarryBo21 – FX Pack, Perks Pack.

Lucas – The Kermit Icon on the Thumbnail.



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