Snake Way

Snake Way
By: eDeK

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Snake Way is a path that starts off from King Yemmas palace leading all the way to King Kais planet.
The path is rumored to be one million kilometers long- so that’s why this Snake Way was seen as such a challenge at the time.

All languages available.

*Use the button dpad “Up” to buy a random weapon. [Cost: 1000]
*Shoot a Dragon Ball to earn a free personal perk.
*Shoot all the Dragon Balls to earn a free Wunderwaffe DG-2.
*Dont enter on the “Snake Way” 2 players or more at the same time.
*Collect 25 Kanjis.
*The price of the kanjis is random [1000 / 2000 / 3000]
*When you have all the Kanjis, Elder Kai spawn on the end of the Snake Way.
*Use the Elder kai teleport to go into the “buyable ending” zone. (All players need to be there)

This map has not been possible without the direct or indirect help of Treyarch, Activision, ASW, Xdferpc, Spiki, Natesmithzombies, Frost Iceforge, Ihmiskeho, Abnormal202, Cryoblink, JBird632, TheSkyeLord, UGXMods, Scobalula, Kabe, ZoekMeMaar, Ghostlycreep, Marksman147, Symbo, Erthrocks, Uptownpapi25, BlackMamba231, CraftDAnimations, QuentinFTL, IceGrenade, Veertasea, IamThatMichael, Robit, Killjoy, Tom_Bmx, Graffiti, ConvictioNDR, Ardivee, Zeroy, Jay Creations, MakeCents, Alexbegt, DTZxPorter, Azsry, Jia909, Harry Bo21, VerK0, MJPWGaming, thanks for share tutorials, custom weapons, characters voices, anims, powerups, lut, scripts, traversals, prefabs…



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