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*I have made several changes to this map since it was released, it is now much more improved in every way then it was initially


THIS MAP NOW FULLY SUPPORTS THE MWZ LITE MOD – and I highly recommend using it if you enjoy the mod or have already completed the map!(unsure about the complete edition working)

Pripyat or Prp’yat’, is an abandoned city located in Northern Ukraine. A city that once acted as the ninth nuclear city in the Soviet Union to serve the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, got its name from the nearby “Pripyat” River. Several hundred years after the apocalypse had struck, the town had been left barren for nature to thrive and slowly engulf the city that had once previously thrived.

  • A Custom Game Loading Screen
  • Custom Easter Egg to unlock the 3 main steps of the map
  • BO1 Weapons
  • Buildable Sliquifier (made to emulate that OP pre-patch sliq)
  • 14 Perks – No perk limit w/ Wunderfizz
  • Black Ops X Characters
  • ZNS Zombies w/ changed eye colours & Vine Shield
  • Custom Buffed Dog Rounds
  • Challenging
  • A new open area for training/high rounds (added 12/3/2020)

    The rest you can find out yourself

  • Verkos LUT’s = Verko
  • FrostIceforge= Custom Zombie Eye Colors
  • Resident Evil Dogs = Killjoy
  • Perk and Powerup Shaders = Robit and Killjoy
  • BO1 Weapon Ports = TheSkyeLord
  • Fixed Dog Rounds = ConvictioNDR
  • Buildable Power & ZNS Vine Shield = Sphynx
  • Black Ops X Character Pack
    – The Black Death/Blak
    – DTZxPorter
    – SE2Dev
    – Scobalula
    – Maciej Ray Marcin
    – Aiden
    – JerriGaming
    – HarryBo21
    – Treyarch
    – Pesh
    – Sp33dy (T7-T7 Rig)
    – Ardivee
    – ID-Daemon
  • Keycard Script = Natesmithzombies
  • Soulbox Script = Makecents
  • Custom Powerups & Hitmarkers = Natesmithzombies
  • Zombie Chronicles Sounds – Mr Wafflez
  • Ancient Evil Challenges – F3ARxReaper666
  • Symbo – Floating Debris
  • Ninjamanny – ZNS Zombie Models
  • Map Testing = RllyyTwitchyy & secure contain protogent
  • DTZxPorter, Abnormal202, HarryBo21,Robit, kaizokuroof = Community Perks
  • Spiki = Cellbreaker
  • Harrybo21 = Sliquifier & Perks


If you’re ever going to record yourself playing the map I’d love to watch it! Please link it down below so I see it 🙂

I also recommend using I haZzZ RabieZ’s ZM Weapon Packs for gun game on this map as its also really fun

I had a lot of fun making this map, however I have had to kind of rush through it as I am starting to get a bit busy with life, and I won’t be able to work on it as much as I’d hoped to. if I have time I’ll definitely try to add more areas and maybe one day complete the map as I had planned it out to be. This will have to do for now but If you enjoyed it it would mean the world to me if you gave the map a thumps up rating 🙂

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