Naruto – Chunin Exams

Naruto - Chunin Exams
By: xdferpc

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The Chunin exam

orochimaru and pain have entered chunin’s exams to appropriate the village
try to kill their clones and escape from chunin’s exam

Map Content:

-custom textures and models
-custom guns (bo2-MWr)
-7 perks
-buyable powerups(pack a punch)
-no perk limit
-Gamabunta attack with the button dpad “Up” or keyboard “1”
-“buyable ending”

donate to support (optional):

credits and special thanks:

-NSZ (natesmithzombies)


El Examen de chunin

Orochimaru y Pain han entrado en los exmanes de chunin para apropiarse con la villa
intenta matar a los clones y escapar del los exmanes de chunin

Contenido del Mapa :

-Modelos y texturas customs
-Armas de (bo2-MWr)
-7 perks
-Powerups comprables(pack a punch)
-No hay limite de bebidas
-Ataque de Gamabunta con el boton del dpad “arriba” o del teclado “1”
-“Final comprable”

donar para apoyar (opcional)

credits and special thanks:

-NSZ (natesmithzombies)



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