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After crashlanding in the outskirts of an overrun village, four investigators are faced with a ferocious undead horde. Can you escape the mysterious village of Rolandorf?

This is my second map so please don’t be too harsh 😀

Please report any issues you find, would be appreciated.


– 20 Perks! All of them Obtainable through Empty Perk Bottle Powerups
– Initial Perk Limit of 8
– Buyable Ending
– Black Ops 1 Weapons
– Panzersoldat Boss
– Custom Voiced Announcer by Nevo!
– Teleport pack a punch (with a very small quest to obtain)
– Buildable Shield
– Buildable Staff of Fire
– Buildable Acidgat
– 5 Wonder Weapons
– Verruckt/Split Spawns

And Now the Credits (This map wouldn’t be possible without these guys!):

Bill Schitt – Countless hours of dealing with my problems and helping with Scripts
Nevo – Announcer & Tester
HarryBO21 – Perks, Buildable Acidgat & Fire Staff, Panzersoldat
Madgaz – Perks
F3ARxReaper666 – Perks
TheSkyeLord – BO1 Weapons and some other weapons
ThomasCat – CDC Agent Models
D3V Team – L3AKMod
Ethrock – Zombie Models
Frost Iceforge – Custom Zombie Eye Colour
JBird – Traversals
UGX – Buyable Ending
NSZ – Empty Perk Bottle Powerups
UptownPapi25 – Keycard
Divinefury5 & Matarra – Zipline
Redspace200 – Jump Pad
MainGTimo – Pro Map Breaker
MagicMan – Early Tester
Watermelon – Semi-Pro Map Breaker



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