Infernal Industry

Infernal Industry
By: MercieZ_FM

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(Venray, The Netherlands, 2020) You visit a abandoned metal factory filled with the undead. Once you are in… there is no way out! Or is it?


=== Currently discontinued ===

My first ever zombies map! Hope you enjoy it.
(I know.. not the best map out there, but maybe you like it. Who knows?)

– Custom Round Sounds
– Music EE (Instrumental remake of ‘Abracadavre’ by Elena Siegman) (Find 3 perk bottles)
– Buyable Power-ups
– Standard perks (Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Juggernog, Stamin-up)
– Buyable Ragnarok-DG4
– Wonder Weapons (Thundergun, Wunderwaffe, Ray Gun Mk3)
– Special Grenades (Lil’ Arnies, Monkey Bombs)
– Teleporters
– Trip Mines
– Jukebox (The songs in the jukebox are copyrighted! Be careful when you use it in your stream/video)

Coming Soon:
– Buyable Ending <– IN PROGRESS
– Boss Zombie
– Widows Wine <– IN PROGRESS
– Soul boxes
– Buildable shield
– Basic improvements (Bug fixes, more detail etc.)

Perk-bottle locations:
– 1. Behind the Teleporter’s mainframe
– 2. Next to the Mystery Box location by Juggernog
– 3. In the first Teleporter Room. (The Office)

Jukebox Track-list:
– Green Day – Bang Bang
– Silverstein – Infinite
– The F-Ups – Lazy Generation
– and more will be added..

Testers (Steam):
> MetalRabbit3468, daoek, DeGamingDerpy, 30feeze, Lobri103, Danny_WS


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