Straightway To Heaven

Straightway To Heaven
By: Slim

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Another Simple map. Not much to say.
Ending costs 75k, it may seem to much but if you complete the easter egg, you will get 50k points.

-Timed Gameplay
-Custom Weapons
-Custom perk shaders
-Custom ddpad
-Easter Egg
-buyable ending
-No perk Limit
-13 perks(if you play solo, there will be 12 perks because tombstone is only avaible in coop).

Every Coin Location For Easter Egg:



If you want to be added, send me the full video of your gameplay in the comments below

If you liked the map, please vote up. It means me alot, thanks 🙂


TheSkyeLord – Weapon Ports
Harry Bo21 – Napalm zombie and tomahawk
IceGrenade – Tp and some old TUTS
WARDOGSK93 – perks (whos who, phd, tombstone, Vulture Aid)
JBird632 – TUTS
Uptownpapi25 – TUTS
M.A.K.E C E N T S – shootables(Easter Egg)
DTZxPorter and Azsry – kronos
NSZ – Brutus
Thomas Cat – Character sounds
Thanks to Malinska for testing with me.
Custom Perk shaders Ideas: !Zosma!Kiddara!EXAVOLT



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