Funken Der Toten

Funken Der Toten
By: Bloobyzombie

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I FOUND IT. I found my first map. I spent probably 150 hours on this for steam to bug out and say i dont have Black Ops 3 installed 3 years ago. I worked on this before I started working on Deadlight and thought I would publish it for anyone starting fresh to see that it just takes time. Unfortunantly i dont have the .Map file so i cant update really anything without it breaking. but other than that it plays fine. the known bugs are that zombies dont spawn on the roof and there is a window down by the roof stairs that zombies can get glitched out in.

I know wip maps shouldnt be added to the workshop…… I found that one out with Deadlight WHICH BTW A HUGE UPDATE IS COMING OUT but yeah this one is actually playable though unlike most wips.. Anyways Enjoy my first map its quite ????. i literally whipped up the pic in less than 5 mins so yeah Have fun! I mainly uploaded this so my friend and their friends could play

Credits Yes there is some custom stuff

Madgaz for Tutorials

Jbird for tutorials

Icegrenade for tutorials

Nade Smith for the kino tps

thats it damn i thought there was more than that



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