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Welcome to Hoarfrost! This is my first map I’ve ever made so i’m more than happy to take any feedback from anyone.

Just a pre warning the dog round music is possibly copyrighted be careful


-Ancient Evil challenge system
-MW 2019, BO1 and many more weapons
-Gersh Device
-Custom Perks (PHD, Vulture Aid, Cyro-slide Soda, Snailspace Slurpee and much more)
-Vine Shield
-Custom dog round music
-Shootable EE for all perks
-Buyable Ending
-Weapon Mounted Flashlight (Tap interact 2-3 times to activate/deactivate)
-EE song (possibly copyrighted be careful)
-Boss Zombies (Napalm and sonic zombies from Shangri-la)
-Custom Characters
-BO4 max ammo and carpenter
-No perk limit
-Wunderfizz 2.0
-BO1 Perk Shaders


Thank you to all my friends who helped me learn and get better in mod tools, also a massive thank you to the people who tested <3

-Ghillie (Mapper/Scripting/Sound Design)
-DMac_442 (Helping with patch work and detailing + some mapping)


-VallatoryPanda2 (Name and testing/LOTS of bug reports, Thumbnail and screenshots for the map as I wasn’t home)
-Avast (Testing)
-JC (Testing and help with round sounds)
-TAG (Testing and promotion <3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJ-AAU-l-YHRggx9gaP5-w/featured)
-Shiggles (Ideas)
-gtlad (Lots of scripting help)

Thank you to the whole Mod tools community especially ZGC Discord for all the help

-HarryBo21 (Perks and Zombie Bosses)
-MyNameIsNobody (extracting the WaW zombie sounds)
-GCPeinhardt (Gersh Device scripts)
-NSZ (Ambient sound script, Kino Teleporter and time warp powerup)
-Madgaz (Custom perks, Wunderfizz 2.0 and lighting tutorials)
-JBird632 (Tutorials, Music EE script and Traversals)
-TheSkyeLord (Weapon ports)
-Scobalula (Greyhound and Garage prefab) The custom content in this map wouldn’t be possible without Scobalula and his amazing tools
-DTZxPorter, Nukem and SE2Dev (L3akMod)
-SG4Y, Killjoy and Icy/Ryan (Flashlight)
-Frost Iceforge (Codenumber pad and zombies eye colour)
-NINJAMAN829 (Zombie models)
-Ice Grenade (Tutorials and tips)
-UGX (Perk shaders help)
-MadKixs (Perk Shaders)
-Sphynx (Vine Shield and Buildable table)
-Verk0 (LUT)
-Uptownpapi25 (Tutorials, missing sounds and Keycard door)
-Graffiti (Help with lighting states and perk lights)
-Vertasea (Additional Mystery Box locations and Buyable ending)
-Treyarch/Activision (Original assets plus tools)
-Avenged Sevenfold (Gameover music and dog round music)
-The Black Death, Ray, Aiden, JerriGaming, HarryBo21, Pesh, Renegade, Sp33dy, ZeRoY, and Ardivee (Blackout character’s)
I’m sorry if i’ve missed anyone please DM me if i have missed you off the credits list

Just want to say a massive thank you to all my friends and the people in the mod tools community this wouldn’t be possible without you all!



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