Shipment Zombies

Shipment Zombies
By: Vitalik

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After events of Revelations Primis crew is sent to a place they’ve never been …

Shipment Zombies is my first map ever.
It takes place in a classic Call of Duty location reimagined for Zombies.
Small survival map with a buyable ending.

—–Map Features—–

+Wonder Weapons:
–Ray Gun Mark III
–Ray Gun Mark II

–Craftable Acidgat Kit
–Craftable Ray Gun Mark III
–Craftable Rocket Shield
–Craftable Ragnarok DG-4

+BO2 Wallbuys and BO2 Box Weapons
+Ancient Evil Style Challenge System
+Buyable Ending
+Panzer Soldat Mini-Boss
+Side Quest for Blundergat
+Shootable EE (Shoot 6 hidden ravens for a free perk)
+Custom Round Music and Announcer
+Many training and camping spots

+Perk limit increased to 5
—It is possible to get more perks by
—completing challenges or finding shootable EE

+Classic Perks:
–Quick Revive
–Double Tap
–Speed Cola
–Mule Kick
–Widow’s Wine
–Deadshot Daquiri
+MADGAZ Custom Perks:
–Banana Colada
–Crusader’s Ale
–Madgaz Moonshine

-UGO Wakka
-Treyarch & Activision
Im sorry if I forgot about anyone.

Feel free to give feedback!

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