JoyCrab Island

JoyCrab Island
By: ImArtzQ

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JoyCrab Island


Have been working on this map for about 2 months, lots of ideas and learning! Although the map has some faults I think it is incredibly fun with a group of friends! I Decided to release her why not! so enjoy it guys! 🙂 This is my first map and many more are to come <3

You do not “need” the Mod loading screen but it is nice when playing with others to get the full experience! <3


-<3 Music “IN GAME” is from Spirited Away
-custom rounds music! <3
– Katana is now your starting weapon how fitting 😉
-Round one may be fun! round 2 may surprise you XD
– Tons of amazing perks, OP I should say
– Parkour like a boss with double jump! find the perk 😉
-Skyes weapons ports Mw2,Mw3,WWII
-Growing souls (watermelon)
-Jump pad
-Build-able Shield
-Magical door/Fill all the souls to open pack
Buyable ending 100k


You have woken In another dimension completely and found yourself and fellow comrades washed up on the shores of Joy Crab Island, things do not appear normal, in fact they are far from it. Surrounding your feet chilling water from the Pacific rushes in surrounding and spilling into the house next to you, the room is dark and flooded and a strange song begins to play. In the distance a scream is heard so loud, you and your comrades look at each other alert scanning the area, rifles drawn… The deafening silence suddenly becomes a thick stench of death, for the Marines, this time, feelings of anxiety and doubt . “Something about this place aint right” Dom whispered. “You got that dam’ right” Marco replied in a restricted tone. For once in these Marines life they were scared…. Deep mumbles and groans echo in the distance, overhead lights in the sky fade, revealing the last stars above barely keeping Joy Island from being swallowed by darkness. It is up to you and your comrades to follow little of what is left of this odd landscape in search for hope… let yourself be guided by what hope is left in your heart and follow the light of this ravaged place or peril to the darkness that prey on it.

==== CREDITS ====
-Dainty Malice /Beta Tester
-usmarinecorps2018/Beta Tester
SictionArc/Beta Tester
-Scevoweer/ Beta Tester
-Prtyboy76- <3/ Beta Tester
-RedSpace200- Jump Pads
-The Indestructable Mike Pence – Basically everything
-Scobalula – HydraX for sound aliases, Greyhound for asset ripping.
-Xela – Testing.
-Symbo- Great mapper
-Scobalula for Cerberus, greyhound and Hydrax softwares.
-Marksman for help with the prefabs.
-AlexisLoic and Spiki for support and beta testing.
-Harrybo21 – amazing every time and easy to follow <3
-NSZ- for everything you do
-Skye’s weapon ports- Amazing lad helped me out a lot
-UptownPapi- Great tuts
-IceGrenade- Amazing tutorials/Being a great guy/ @Discord server, Just amazing people <3
-JBird632- A true artist amazing!
-Wardogs Perks- Great stuff much love
-Will Luffey
-MadGaz- Incredible tutorials, cant get over the accent!
-IperBreach TomBMX
-Treyarch and Activision
==== CREDITS ====



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