Rache Der Untoten Challenge Map

Rache Der Untoten Challenge Map
By 777tones

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Shoutout to icegrenade, sphynx, harry, nsz, craftD, uptown, planet & more!
Rache Der Toten got a huge update! This version has 3 new playable areas, bo1 guns, m1911 starting pistol, buyable ending, mule kick, arnie fix, power lag fix, nacht zombies, buildable power & shield! It took me under a month to make this !! shoutout to the dawnfox!! CUSTOM MUSIC MADE BY ME…. swag swag no copyright

builable shield part is in spawn room and the middle of the map after buying the 2ND door
power pieces are both in the first new area you open…. check stamina up and middle building with ramp



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