MW – Gulag Showers

MW - Gulag Showers
By: Ben-Verder-Nik

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Experience Gulag Showers from MW2019.
Take on the everlasting horde of the undead as long as you can, there’s no buyable ending its just pure survival.

(This map is intended to be played with weapon mods but you can use the base bo3 weapons if you’d like)

Map features:
-9 Perks
-Bo3 Weapons (with silencers)
-Compatible with Raptroes’s MWZ Complete Edtion
-Compatible with every weapon mod.
-Cracked Dog rounds with the music from the PHDTOWN dog rounds. (Youjo Senki/The saga of tanya the evil op 1 instrumental)
-Last Dog drops both an max ammo and an free perk. (only stock bo3 perks are avalable)

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COD Modern Warfare Spawn, victory and defeat themes:
Youjo Senki instrumental op:

BTW: I will eventually re-release both Stack and Speedball again in an dlc pack which will also include two other gunfight maps and an map set in the Corpse Party universe called: Nirvana.



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