By Forrest Gump

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May 17th 1956
Somewhere in Antarctica

You are the last survivor of a German research group.
A bunch of strange creatures ate your mates, now you have to act quick or you will die aswell.


– BO2 Weapons (Credits to TheSkyeLord)
– Beautiful PaP Camos – from Revelations
– Timed Gameplay – Sprinters from round 1 on
– Buildable Power Switch
– Buildable Shield
– Soulboxes – They’ll lead you to PaP (Safe Zone!!!)
– Shootable Easteregg – Shoot the 5 targets for Electric Cherry
– Special Boss – Brutus is back!
– Custom Skybox
– Custom Zombie Models
– Buyable Ending

If you got any issues with the map let me know! I really enjoy making these maps, hope you all are having fun aswell playing them 🙂

Overall I consider this to be a Challenge Map. Please let me know if it’s too easy or too hard!
Thank you all for downloading 🙂

Forrest Gump aka MrLiviKiwi



? IceGrenade (
? JBird632 (
? Uptownpapi25 (
? CraftDAnimations (

Without their tutorials I would never be able to create a map, so huge shoutout to them!



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