The Pharaoh’s House

The Pharaoh's House

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The Pharaoh’s House

This map is a strange combination of ancient Egypt and modern houses and is very weird.

Message me if there’s any issues with map or if you have any ideas or tips and tricks on how to make future maps better in any way. Thank you!

How to open PAP:
There are 3 little shootables around the map
1ST ONE: outside the zombie barrier in the start room (little black sensor on tree)
2ND ONE: outside the zombie barrier in the room with deadshot (little black sensor on tree)
3RD ONE: go to widows wine turn around and look up for the sensor
THEN… a secret door will open in the deadshot room with a teleporter in it and that has to be linked with the little pad in the gym upstairs by PHD

– Shootable easter egg (perkaholic)(15 of them)
– 3 shootables to open secret door to PAP teleporter
– Transit Shield buildable
– Modern Warfare Remastered weapons
– Buyable Ending (75000)
– Shangri La Zombies
– Customised Perk Icons
– MW:R Minigun
– All COD Perks (ALL 13)
– Pack-a-punch
– Mystery Box
– Hitmarkers
– Kino style teleporters
– Changed appearance of map (brighter, higher saturation/contrast)(LUT)
– Changed appearance of sky (Skybox)

Credits to:
TheSkyeLord – Guns
NateSmithZombies – Buyable Ending/Hitmarkers/Kino teleporters/shootable ee
Erthrock – Shangri La Zombie Models
Wardog – Rest of the perks
Sphynx – Shield and buildtable
Logical Edits/Ice Grenade/Madgaz/Uptownpapi/Jbird/CraftDanimations – All tutorials



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