Grischun Challenge Map

Grischun Challenge Map
By: Forrest Gump

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Welcome to my own interpretation of a zombies tower map.
This is a short, fast paced map for everyone.
I tried balancing it so that it’s not ridiculously hard, but also not that easy. Most of you probably still complain that it’s too easy 😀

Unfortunately, I had to cut down a lot of the ambient models for detailing, because they did not render correct ingame and it looked horrible. So this might not be a good example of map detailing 😛

– Timed Gameplay (Round 2 Sprinters)
– MW3 Guns
– Custom PAP Camo
– PAP Drops
– Shootable Perkaholic Easteregg
– No Perk Limit
– Slides
– PHD + Vulture Aid + Thombstone + Who’s Who
– Buyable Ending (very cheap this time)

Hope you enjoy playing it. As always, I had a great time mapping. Let me know if you have any map ideas 🙂 Keep in mind that I’m pretty new to the mapping thing…

Credits and Special Thanks:
– Captain_Narin for his cool ideas
– IceGrenade (
– JBird632 (
– Uptownpapi25 (
– CraftDAnimations (
– Skye for the MW3 Gun Pack

Without their tutorials I would never be able to create a map, so huge shoutout to them!



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