Buried Spawn Room Halloween Edition

Buried Spawn Room Halloween Edition
By MIKE_fozzy

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This is a Halloween themed re-make of the Buried Starting Room. This is my submission for Madgaz’s Spooktober Competition.

I am NOT going to re-make the whole of Buried, I haven’t got the time so don’t waste yours by asking me to.

Also this is my first officially released map so be gentle lol. No, but constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated.

NOTE: Please make sure that your Texture settings are at their highest if possible, as some models won’t come out great if they are not.

– Victis (But no Voice Quotes…I guess that’s a good thing idk).
– BO2 Weapons.
– Buried Zombies.
– Candy Mechanic.
– Ray Gun (That actually kills zombies, trust me).
– Ray Gun Mark 2.
– Halloween Themed and set in the Night.
– A nice bunch of EEs to be found (Including an actual Main EE that I threw in for some weird reason).
– PHD Flopper.
– LSAT Wallbuy (Just like in Buried).

Madgaz – For running the competition. Cheers Gaz.
HarryBo21 – Perks, Mystery Box, Powerups.
TheSkyeLord – BO2 Weapons.
ProRevenge – Ray Gun Rework.
Ronan_M – Perk/Powerup Shaders.
Xhaiil – Ripping Anims from BO2 for me because I’m an idiot. Cheers pal.
Planet – Victis Crew.
Khel Mho – PHD Flopper Model.
Logical Edits – Inventory.
Scobabula – Greyhound, Hydrax.
Ardivee – LuiGui.
DTZxPorter, Azsry – Kronos.
Treyarch – Assets.
Sledgehammer – Assets.
Infinity Ward – Assets.

And everyone else who helped with this, either directly or indirectly, I really appreciate it.

If you feel that I’ve missed you out and want to be on the list (as long as you actually contributed in some way), hit me up and I’ll add you.




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