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This map is not original! It is simple and I made it to prove to myself I could make a map that was fairly polished and felt roughly complete unlike my last map I would say. I hope you enjoy!

Message me or comment if there’s any issues with map or if you have any ideas or tips and tricks on how to make this map and future maps better in any way. Thank you!

How to get to PAP:
Open door outside to right
Jump on the trampoline
There is a 3 min cooldown for the trampoline

How to get 2 free perks:
1st one – Complete the headshot challenge by juggernog
2nd one – Three activatable walkie talkies around the map (must turn on power first)

– 50000 buyable ending
– Vine Shield buildable
– Modern Warfare Remastered guns
– Modern Warfare(2019) guns
– Some BO2 guns
– Some BO3 guns
– Some BO1 guns
– Shangri La Zombies
– Customised Perk Icons
– MW(2019) Minigun
– All original COD Perks (9)
– Pack-a-punch
– Mystery Box
– Hitmarkers
– Trampoline (launchpad) to PAP
– Challenges and rewards
– Wonder weapons include: Ray Gun, Ray Gun MKII, Thundergun, Wunderwaffe DG-2
– Wunderfizz 2.0
– Free perk ee
– Revelations PAP camos

Credits to:
TheSkyeLord – Guns
_redspace – Jump pads
NateSmithZombies – Buyable Ending/Hitmarkers/Kino teleporters/shootable ee
Erthrock – Shangri La Zombie Models
Sphynx – Shield and buildtable
Logicaledits – Free perk ee, graffiti pack
ZombieKenny – Paintings
HarryBO21 – Character voices, napalm zombies
verk0 – Textures and bungalow prefabs
Madgaz – Wunderfizz 2.0
Symbo – Challenges
Logical Edits/Ice Grenade/Madgaz/Uptownpapi/Jbird/CraftDanimations – All tutorials

For my next maps I want:
(currently unsure how to add or where to find)
– a custom hud
– object hud tab menu
– working phd
– ambient sounds
– more fx
– traps
– custom ee
– sound ee
– free perk ee’s
– loading screen
– custom PAP camo possibly
– pickup/placeable objects
– larger good size map



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