Gasse Der Toten

Gasse Der Toten
By: NonSpecific

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This map is a re-upload of one of my maps, “Zombie Alley | Survival Challenge”.

Follow my twitter for updates:

I have completely re-vamped this map enough where I thought it deserved a re-upload with a new name and completely overhauled visuals

I have included a new area which is a teaser for my upcoming map “SHADOWS OF THE DEAD”

– Currently the ragnaroks appear as the apothican sword in the d-pad hud
– dogs can spawn out of play area (working on fix)

It isn’t necessary, but I put a lot of time and effort into my maps so if you want to donate to encourage me to keep making maps, it would mean the world 🙂


Please report any bugs 🙂

– Black Ops 1 guns
– Shadows of Evil Zombies
– Shadows of Evil HUD
– Custom Shadows of Evil Mystery Box
– Shadows of Evil perk shaders and perk jingles
– Black Ops 4 max ammo (fills clips and reserves)
– New & improved Hell’s Retriever w/ upgrade quest
– Soul Chests (sorry lol)
– Buyable ending for those that want an end to the madness
– Zombie Chronicles characters
– Zombie Chronicles sounds
– Full inventory in score menu
– Shootable Easter Egg for Perkaholic reward

1. Get 30 kills with the Hell’s Retriever or just until you hear a confirmation sound
2. Find 5 skulls around the map (they have a glowing blue fx on them, the actual skulls are invisible)

– Rocket Shield
– Ragnarok DG-4

CREDITS (in no particular order)
– Planet (Hell’s Retriever, Inventory)
– HarryBo21 (Pack-a-Punch, base for mystery box)
– Madgaz (Wunderfizz 2.0, Model packs)
– TheSkyeLord (Black Ops 1 Weapons)
– Humphrey (all custom SOE perk shaders)
– ZeRoY (WW2 Models)
– OffTheGrid/Tyler Helliwell (Black Ops 4 Ray Gun)
– Garrett (Round sounds from Classified)
– Sphynx (Ragnarok DG-4 Buildable)
– LGRZ (Shadows of Evil Ammo HUD)
– Kingslayer Kyle (Sickle, Portal, Zombie Models)
– MakeCents Gaming (Soul chests)
– NateSmithZombies (Shootable Easter Egg)
– Uptownpapi25 (keycard script)
– ThomasCat (Chronicles Characters)
– Wafflez (Zombie Chronicles sounds)
– Scobalula (for Greyhound: to rip sound assets & for HydraX: to rip aliases)
– Treyarch/Activision

If I have forgotten anyone, please comment or PM me and ill add you in straight away



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