Lost Apartments

Lost Apartments
By: Zombie Kenny

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Try to survive in this lost place.

Custom Weapons, Buyable Ending, No Perk Limit and more!


— Custom Weapons
— Custom Buyable Ending (cost changes with player amount + multiple players can add points)
— Gobblegum Powerup
— No Perk Limit
— Time Warp & Zombie Blood
— Background Music
— Microscopic Ending Scene


♥ DTZxPorter – most bo3 tools
♥ DualVII – zombie counter
♥ func_vehicle – original gobblegum script
♥ HarryBo21 – perks and other stuff
♥ JBird632 – prefabs
♥ Nate Smith Zombies – time warp & zombie blood
♥ Scobalula – player vox
♥ sharpgamers4you – assets
♥ TheSkyeLord – all custom weapons
♥ Vertasea – original buyable ending and hitmarker script

If i forgot to credit someone, please tell me in the comments!

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