Project Sulphur (Sub Base Remake)

Project Sulphur (Sub Base Remake)
Version 1.0 By: Thunderfrost

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Hi friends, if you were following my W.I.P. post of Project Sulphur, I said that I can no longer work on the map because reasons that you could see on the same thread. I’m here because I finally got my PC back, but I have to be honest with you people, I lost some interest on the project, because now I’m on the university, and obviously I have work to do apart from this map work. I don’t want to leave you with empty hands, so I’m bringing to you the beta map, it has some errors, but I think is quite enjoyable, I mean very enjoyable if you at least survive all the way to the buyable game over haha, so I will list the errors for you:


1.- Napalm Zombie will not respawn after you use the break button (This will take away all the fun, so my advice to you, if you are in a big trouble, then use that wildcard)
2.- If you start the EE and if you die you will respawn in a “Dead Zone”, so you will be pretty much dead if you don’t survive after you activate this step

Features (I mean, what I can remember):

1.- Custom Weapons (Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, MW Series)
2.- Custom Perks (Infra-Shield and Atomic Cocktail) and also some of the original Black Ops 1 Perks
3.- Break Button (Take some breath and take advantage of it to buy some weapons, perks, upgrades, etc)
4.- Napalm Zombie (Nothing to say here haha)
5.- Verruckt Runners (I significantly reduced the amount of this type of zombies to balance the gameplay of the map)
6.- Timed Gameplay (Like the original)
7.- Custom Camo (You will like it)
8.- Custom Vision File (The map looks like if you were playing black ops 2, at least for the vision…)
9.- Fixed Quick Revive Solo (For lonely players like me :()

10.- “Secret” Game Over Easter Egg (This could be the most obvious Easter Egg ever, but you will be suprised on what you have to do to beat it…)
11.- Fun Gameplay (I promise you that this map will entertain you very very much haha… if you like challenges like me of course)
12.- Custom Models (I don’t remember the name of the creator of this models, maybe “Salaj” is his name? well all I can say that these are not mine, so credits to that guy from CFG Factory)
13.- Kinda Nice Looking Map (I did my best in record time to make this map something pleasant to your eyes, the last part of the map is something that I’m not pride of…)

One pic of the map, if you want to see what you will get (The rest is on the old post, I recommend you to check it out if you want to see more photos)

Credits: My Own Tutorials (Haha) and also My Brain to complete the rest (Infra-Shield, Atomic Cocktail, Break Button, Mapping, and More Scripting), Gogeta (Atomic Cocktail Script, Map Testing) (From CustomCodMapping), Rickoz (Weapons) (From CustomCodMapping), Shippuden (Weapons) (From CustomCodMapping), Tom BMX (Timed Gameplay), Some Guys From CFG Factory, and Some Tutorials From UGX Mods (Thanks for being all this time).

Maybe I will port this map to Black Ops 1, but first I have to set the tools, because there’s some mising files but I’m working on it to release a final tool pack :D

I hope you enjoy the map, with love for you, Thunderfrost (AKA El-Thunder – The No-One-Knows Modder xD) haha



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