Nazi Zombie Arena

Nazi Zombie Arena
Version: 1.3 By: Veserius (Ville88)

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nazi_zombie_arena is a gladiator style map where later on in the map the player must keep moving otherwise will be overcome by the zombies.
There may be a few minor bugs that aren’t a physical problem but a cosmetic problem, so shouldn’t alter gameplay at all. This is my first map that i have released, so plz enjoy.

There are 4 spawn points on the outside of the Arena (no boards).
This is a Shi No Numa style map, Features include:
-Buyable Weapons
-Tesla Gun (Shi No Numa)
-Hell Hounds
-Treasure Chest
And Much More!


A big thanks to all that helped me out with this, especialy the members from ZCT and a huge thanks to Punisher101



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