Holiday Mansion

Holiday Mansion
By: Ben-Verder-Niks

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Zombies have infested this Christmas party.
Hold them off.

Map features:
-9 Perks
-Variety of weapons with custom pap camo
-Cracked Dog rounds
-Last Dog drops both an max ammo and an free perk. (only stock bo3 perks are avalable)
-No perk limit
-Buildable shield
-Regeneration weapons (weapons that have no stock ammo and instead have one big magazine that regenerates ammo when not being fired.)

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-Die Maschine OST РExcerpt from Amsterdam (Exfil Theme)
-Die Maschine [Jingle Hells] OST РRound Change Stingers
-Die Maschine [Jingle Hells] OST РStarting Theme Stingers



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